Pro Copper Head Gaskets for Arias 8.3L
Bore Opening: 4.520″ Gasket Thickness: .072″

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Pro Copper Head Gaskets for Arias 8.3L Hemi racing engine. Bore Opening: 4.520″; Gasket Thickness: .072″; Note: *Special Order Thickness* Material: Annealed Copper; Note: Head gaskets for the Arias (early) have the same shape, bolt and bore pattern as the Fontana/MBR 8.3L but do not have the intake valve notch required for the later engines, for Fontana/MBR see P84— p/n series.
Package Contents: 1 Pair.  Pro Copper HG Inst     O-Ring Instructions
Qualifies for Contingency Payout with proof of purchase and decals on both sides.

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Weight4.125 lbs
Dimensions6 x 6 x 3 in
Bore Opening


Gasket Thickness