New Design Performance Composite Head Gaskets for Ford FE
SCE Gaskets Part Number 534254


Performance Composite Head Gaskets for Ford FE;  Bore opening: 4.250″, Compressed thickness: .040″. Material: Solid metal core with extra thick fire rings, SCE exclusive sealant coating with bead seals at coolant and oil passages. These gaskets are “Right and Left” therefore they are sold as a pair. This part number also accommodates the 427 SOHC oil drains at the rear of the engine block. Package Contents: 1 pair.

NOTE: Use of these head gaskets requires installation of oil flow restrictors to the rocker arms in either the block or heads. The new SCE design head gaskets address the oil leakage problem common to FE engines with composite head gaskets. 1. The gasket oil transfer port has been opened so the gasket does not meter flow, thereby eliminating uneven pressure from the block side. 2. A bead seal has been placed around the oil passage for additional clamp load to prevent oil leakage down the gasket/block interface.

Installation Notes P-N 534254

Pro Seal Composite Instructions