Pro Copper Head Gaskets for Fuel Hemi
Bore Opening: 4.250″ Gasket Thickness: .072″


Pro Copper Head Gaskets for Chrysler 426 style Racing Hemi. No water holes; 5/8″ bolt holes with provision for additional locating dowels and 3/8″ bolts on each end. Intake valve notch is correctly located to eliminate fuel collection/detonation in the gap which can cause the head to lift. Upper gasket is profiled to minimize oil puddling and allow crankcase pressure to quickly vent via valve cover breathers to catch can.
Bore Opening: 4.250″; Gasket Thickness: .072″; Material: Annealed Copper; Package Contents: 1 Pair.

Pro Copper HG Inst    O-Ring Instructions

Used and recommended by Tim Wilkerson


Additional Information

Weight3.313 lbs
Dimensions6 x 6 x 3 in
Bore Opening


Gasket Thickness


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