Overview of SCE Gasket Product Categories

Pro Copper Head Gaskets

pro-coppNot all solid copper gaskets are created equal. SCE uses premium 99% pure copper sheets rolled to our specifications (choice of 12 different thicknesses) and tested for uniform flatness to assure precise cylinder head-to-block alignment and eliminate uneven loading. After processing, each gasket is annealed to ensure optimum mating and provide measurable gains in cylinder sealing, as evidenced by lower leak-down percentages. O-ringing recommended.

Titan Head Gaskets

titan head gasketsSCE takes solid copper gaskets to the next level by adding patented coolant and oil seals to provide effective containment channels with a minimal clamping load. They are on both sides of the gasket and offset so that when compressed they lie in a single plane with the gasket body thereby “tripping” additional clamp load to the combustion seal, allowing for increased cylinder sealing. Titan gaskets are also available in NINE popular thicknesses.

ICS Titan Head Gaskets

ics titan head gasketsPatented Integral Combustion Seals perform the function of O-ringed blocks and heads without the added machining costs. They also provide extra sealing in high combustion pressure environments where rules prohibit O-ringing. The ICS Titan features stainless steel O-ring wire inserted into the gasket body around the cylinder bore, with combustion pressure forcing the flanges against the head and block for a self-energized secondary seal. Coolant and oil seals also included.

Pro Seal Composite Head Gaskets

pro sealHere’s an effective solution for providing excellent sealing in high performance street and mild competition applications. SCE’s unique Pro Seal composite gaskets feature only three elements: cold rolled steel core with pure graphite facing attached to both sides, plus an extra thick steel fire ring armor. It’s a purely compressible gasket that can handle up to 15 lbs. of boost or a 100-shot of nitrous, but won’t damage aluminum heads like competitive designs with O-rings.

Embossed Steel Shim Head Gaskets

embossed steelMany racers have come to prefer super thin, super strong embossed steel head gaskets to increase engine compression. SCE offers these hard-to-find gaskets for select performance applications.

Accu-Seal One-Piece Molded Silicone Rubber Oil Pan & Valve Cover Gaskets

accu-sealThese state-of-the-art precision molded gaskets provide a superior seal and can be re-used time and time again. The one-piece design oil pan gaskets eliminate pesky leaks at the corners common to ordinary pan gaskets. Made of premium grade silicone rubber to resist heat damage and conform to irregularities in the sealing surface. Each gasket has built-in crush limiters to prevent damage from over-tightening.

Steel Core Oil Pan & Valve Cover Gaskets

steel coreSCE worked with top crew chiefs to develop a severe duty steel core material with compressibility for good sealing and enhanced lateral rigidity to prevent blowouts under high pressures. These gaskets are so effective that they are accepted by NHRA for supercharged nitro and alcohol applications. Recommended for cast valve covers or sheet metal covers and pans with billet flanges.

Street Performance Valve Cover & Pan Gaskets

street performance

In addition to the Accu-Seal molded silicone gaskets, SCE offers High Density Cork and Laminated Silicone/Cork gaskets. In the case of 2-piece sets, SCE offers companion seals.

Exhaust Gaskets

exhaust gasketsAvailable for applications ranging from specialized racing engines to OEM replacement, SCE offers embossed copper (Pro Copper), high temperature reinforced composite, copper clad composite and standard composite gaskets. These precision-made gaskets are available for virtually all aftermarket cylinder heads and designed not to impede exhaust flow.

Intake Gaskets

intake gasketsBoth the economical “Accu-Seal E” series of composite and the “Accu-Seal Pro” premium high density composite intake gaskets are available for most applications, plus Premium Bead Seal gaskets that incorporate a silicone bead around each port.

Carburetor Gaskets

carburetor gasketsThe perfect compliment to any Holley carburetor are these super-tough precision-molded metering block and fuel bowl gaskets. Made of a non-stick thermoplastic material that’s resistant to racing fuels and additives, they won’t shrink and allow float bowl screws to loosen. Makes changing jets a “snap.” They’re tear-proof and totally reusable time after time.

Engine Master Gasket Sets

engine master gasketDesigned for the professional engine builder, these comprehensive kits contain all the necessary gaskets and seals for a complete rebuild. Moreover, the Engine Master line features gaskets that are made in the U.S.A. and proven effective. You can save money and time with SCE’s convenient Engine Master Gasket Sets.

Specialty Gaskets

pro-coppIn addition to offering every gasket used in building an engine, SCE also offers a wide assortment of specialty gaskets used for myriad racing applications.
These include special high-temp gaskets for turbochargers, most everything you need to assemble a 71-series supercharger, protective screens and much more.
If there’s something special you need made, chances are we can do it.


dyno-paksDeveloped for professional engine builders and race teams, Dyno-Paks are a ‘right sized’ bulk program boxed in sets of ten for safe keeping and substantial savings. This is ideally suited to dyno shops who repeatedly use only certain gaskets out of a complete set for component swaps, or builders who use a specific combination of gaskets in their most popular builds.